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Officekit Employee Performance Appraisal Software
Provides Regular Employee Appraisal Programs

Performance Appraisal refers to the methodical assessment of employee performance in a company; it is undertaken to evaluate the capabilities of each employee. This helps the HR department determine whether the employee deserves a raise/promotion, meeting targets, need more training, and so on. The management checks if the goals assigned to the employees are being met, and is in a better position to guide the staff towards achieving them and to perform an analysis of the reasons for poor performance.


Why Your Organization Needs OfficeKit HR Employee Appraisal Software


Employees form the backbone of companies, regardless of the industry; it’s crucial that you hire and retain the best talent that you can to ensure the steady growth and development of your organization. The main challenges for any company are:

1) Retaining, engaging and inculcating the company culture in employees
2) improving techniques and methods of employee training programs; one of the best tools to tackle these issues is tracking employee performance.


The problem however, is that in most organizations, it is done only on an annual basis; this does not really help the managers to give the right feedback or guidance to the staff. Performance appraisal needs to be a continuous process. Of course, it is not possible for any company to spend several valuable hours a day or even in a week filling up forms for employee or self-evaluation. This is exactly where OfficeKit HR comes in. This comprehensive human resource management software has a special module to handle appraisals.


The Benefits of Ongoing Performance Evaluation Are :


Aligns your employees to your company’s goals – not only do your staff understand the objectives of your organization, they also understand clearly, what exactly is their position and duty in the company.

Rewards and Recognition – effective appraisal software will help the management in rewarding deserving employees for their exemplary work. This helps boost employee morale and motivates them to perform even better.

Employee Development – A systematic and continuous appraisal system like OfficeKit HR helps managers frame and update the policy regarding employee training and development. The better performers can be assigned new jobs according to their skill levels. The weaknesses can also be identified and dealt with.

Identifies need for further training – not all your employees may have the required skills to achieve all targets. Comprehensive and continuous performance appraisal mapping will help identify which employees need further training, in what area they need it, and so on. Training can be imparted through various activities, workshops and so on.

So we see that the importance of implementing human resource management software with a continuous performance appraisal system cannot be stressed enough. OfficeKit HR’s performance evaluation module generates easily readable reports that will help you manage your employees better and build a better relationship with them. Our software has features that will not just simplify your work, but will actually take your company on the path to growth.


Why Choose OfficeKit HR?


OfficeKit HR is one of the best HR management tools you can have for your organization. It is an online platform that stores data in the cloud – this means you can access the app whenever you want and regardless of where you are. It’s responsive – so you get the same great experience whether you use your Smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. It is packed with useful features and is extremely user-friendly; you can be a complete tech novice and yet use it with ease!


So don’t waste precious time – get OfficeKit HR for your company today, and watch your HR processes function smoothly. Save time and money with our software, and experience benefits-driven success in no time!

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