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Features employee self-service portal.

For any organization, its employees are its biggest and most important resource(Asset); they form the backbone of the organization – regardless of whether it’s a startup ,small business or large corporate enterprise. This is precisely why the management needs to have a good relationship with the staff, and ensure that they are taken care of. Only those who experience job satisfaction will exhibit better performance at the workplace. However tracking all the various details like attendance, salaries, benefits, leaves, shift, schedule etc., conducting employee work appraisals to track their performance, and coordinating and managing the different employee functions, can be tedious and bothersome.

To ensure employee satisfaction and efficient management, you need a proper system. Keeping this in mind, we have designed employee management software that is feature-rich and easy to use. This facilitates instant and constant communication with your staff and storing and managing huge amounts of varied data. Efficient employee management software is a boon to your organization’s HR department. Having a web-based inventory of your organization’s employees – vital personal and important work-related information, ensures everything related to your HR processes goes smoothly and without hassle – from recruitment to training to managing employees; and this is especially important for a new or growing organization.

Here are the top 9 reasons your small
business or large organization needs OfficeKit HR system:

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Instant Source of Information

It works as a bridge of information between the employee and the company. The database contains contact information, personal details, educational details, salary, work schedule, shift, designation, and so on.

Efficient and User-friendly

This software does not require any technical knowledge to operate; it also allows easy and quick retrieval of employee information; this becomes especially useful when you need information on an employee who is away on vacation or long leave.

Accurate information

The self-service portal allows employees to enter the relevant information themselves. This ensures that the information in the database is accurate and reliable.

Empowering Employees

OfficeKit HR enables employees to perform tasks like submitting leave applications, generating pay-slips, and so on; this reduces the load on the HR administrators, and allows greater autonomy to your employees.


Employees can set specific details, like for example, bank details to ‘Private’; this means that apart from the software admin or the top management of the company, nobody else will have access to it. This confidentiality can only be achieved through a system like OfficeKit HR.

Fully Responsive Design

This means you can access this software on any device and still enjoy the same efficiency and engaging experience.

Cloud Storage

Thanks to the information being stored in the cloud, not only can you access OfficeKit HR wherever and whenever you want, your data is perfectly safe too!

Talent Analytics

You can start acting rather than reacting .OfficekitHR provides extensive analytics in areas such as Recruitment,Finance,attrition,Project Management,Leave & Attendance etc.

Updated Information

The employee can make changes to their details as and when the need arises – like, when they get a promotion, change timing, get a raise and so on – so the information in the database is always up to date and accurate. In addition to this, the information will be accessible for the time that the employee remains with the company or even longer, as per the requirement of the management.

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