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Regardless of whether you’re a startup or a large corporation, your organization needs a reliable, flexible and user-friendly system that is good at tracking employee leave requests. Say goodbye to the tedious process of having an employee send leave applications by email and your HR manager having to go through, take a decision, approve and track them. With Officekit HR’s Leave Management software your company has the option to create and manage leave policies, track attendance and absence of staff, resolve application workflows and a whole lot more in one centralized place – it not only makes your work easier, it also helps you save a lot of valuable time, and enables you to plan your human resource management more efficiently. You can ensure that staff leaves are planned in such a way that it causes minimal disruption of work due to the absence of any employee. It is useful for the staff as they can access the system and see how many leaves they have taken and have left; this way they can plan their annual leaves without hassles.

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Leave Policies

OfficeKit HR offers a host of options and high flexibility to easily create and manage composite leave policies. You can create your own customized policies with regard to half-day requests, carrying over of annual unused leaves, pro-rating of balances, combining leaves, applying for prior dates, extra leave taken and so on.

Leave Balance Counters

Our software system allows tracking of history of leaves taken by each employee and to check the leave balance as on a particular date, in just a few clicks. Previous leave applications and the related conversations can also be viewed by the management as well as staff, so there is no ambiguity regarding leave balances. The HR department can also take a decision based on the leave history of each individual employee.

Company Leave Policy FAQs

Officekit HR will display a set of FAQs with appropriate answers regarding the leave policies of your company so that the employees can easily find the answers to their queries. This saves you the trouble of explaining everything one-on- one to each employee.

Public/Company Holidays

With OfficeKit HR you get a list of annual public holidays; you can choose the ones you want to implement in your company. This way you don’t have to fret over making up the holiday lists and making announcements regarding them every time.

Bulk Importing Of Leaves

You can easily import your leave tracking to OfficeKit HR. Regardless of whether you have been using a tracker spreadsheet, an online app and so on, you can get all your current attendance and absence information into OfficeKit HR – that too without resorting to manual data entry.


The perfect leave management system must provide a comprehensive solution that enables you to frame leave policies and manage employee leaves. It should offer transparency – allowing employees to check their leave balance, history and so on gives them greater autonomy and responsibility, and a sense of empowerment. Being able to view the conversation related to each leave will leave no scope for misunderstanding and disputes.


As the HR manager or employer, you need to be able to not just make the leave policies but also make alterations as and when required – and our software lets you do just that.


Officekit HR is one of the best online systems not just for managing employee leaves but for managing all processes related to managing your employees efficiently, wherever you are, on whatever device you choose!


Switch over to Officekit HR – and fast-track your journey to efficiency and success.

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