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Why Your Company Needs an Automated Payroll Management Software

You may wonder whether you really need an online system for processing the salary paid to each employee. After all you have been manually maintaining your employee database and accounting for the salary and tax deductible, tracking their leave and so on for years, without major problems – right? Wrong! Manual calculation, documentation and report generation consumes valuable time and leaves the door open to errors and ambiguity. Take a look at the benefits your organization and employees can derive from a web-based payroll solution:

Employee Empowerment

Employees can log into their accounts and check the hours or days worked, deductions if any, and find out how much their pay for the month will be. They don’t have to contact their manager; it gives them more control over their payroll information.

Increased Efficiency

Computerizing payroll calculation saves precious time and improves efficiency. There is no room for ambiguity or disputes; everything is transparent. Salary calculation and disbursement can be made easy and quick.

Minimize Errors

An automated process leaves no room for errors in calculation or data entry which is very likely when done manually. The system will also ensure compliance with Govt norms regarding salary computation.

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Data Security

An efficient payroll solution like the module provided in OfficeKit HR stores data remotely in the cloud, ensuring safety and integrity of the information. Data is backed up regularly, and there is no risk of loss of data; it can also be easily retrieved when necessary. Furthermore, data can be retained for a number of years. So even after a particular employee has left the organization if you need to pull up the salary details for some reason, you can do it easily.

Access Information Anywhere, Any time

OfficeKit HR is a cloud based solution, which means you or employees can access it on the go – say when you’re travelling to a conference, for example. As the website is responsive, you can enjoy the same user experience across a multitude of devices as well.

Save Money

When you save time, you also save money. You may think that outsourcing this process would be a good way to save money; but just the opposite. Implementing an automated system for your HR processes will save you more money than if you outsourced the project to someone.

Manual time or punch cards can go missing or get damaged, and they also need to be submitted on time to the HR department/payroll manager. Delay in submission can lead to delay in payment of salaries.

OfficeKit HR is one of India’s top & best, most comprehensive and user-friendly HR management software solutions with specific modules to take care of specific processes like leave management, payroll management, Employee appraisal management, and so on. The features in our payroll management processing software solution easy accounting of employee salary, tax, leave, generating pay slips, reports, and more.


Create complex, multiple salary structures and process all payment related services with just a few clicks; simplify your HR processes including payroll and enjoy better efficiency and productivity. Maintain all your payroll information in one central dashboard and simplify your life – get Officekit HR for your company today!

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